This morning at church

30 Oct

Wow what a great day i have had so far today and a great morning at church.

God is moving in massive ways and its exciting to see, i dont really know what else to write about this as im still hyped, it was just such a great service, the talk was good the things that God was challenging me on was amazing, he really spoke out to me today.

I learnt that taking risks is the best thing to do in life and if we dont take risks then we wont get anywhere in life and we werent learn about things and how to live things out.

One thing that God challenged me on today was the fact that its so easy to come to church hear a talk we take in what the person is saying but we dont actually act on it, we just walk away thinking its another sunday service with a great talk and then we forget about everything that was said during that talk. That is so true to my life, im so bad at doing exactly that hearing something in church and not actually acting on it just walking away thinking everything is alright and that im all good and sorted.

I need to stop going to church because i have to, but actually go there to get refuelled and get re-focused on the things that God wants for us, need to also come to church with a clear open mind and with thanks for what God has done during the week and praise him for those things.

Hearing God’s word is all about hearing and doing. For the man who is the hearer only of the word, does receive only but a fleeting vision of what God meant him to be. John Stott.

After hearing God’s commandments, one does not go away at once, anxious to forget them. On the contrary, he continued there in, making them his daily study and delight. Alec Moyter.


Walking out the whispers. 


At some point we all need to take a risk, and we have to trust and have faith in God that he is there with us all the way through.

That last line there is something that really stood out to me, as im thinking about my travels to australia next year hopefully fingers crossed if everything falls into place properly for me. I have been praying about australia for a long time now and i really feel like it was the place for me. I felt like God was leading me there when i became a christian, and now my sister bridie is out there and she is hopefully gunna be staying that makes even more sense, because i will be able to live with her, and my sister bridie has come on so much in her faith and it would be great for me and her to be out there together because we are close and we get on really well and we are the same and we will be able to help each other out in our walks and faith.

Its gunna be amazing.

I’m excited for what God has in store.


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