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Today, our ever-growing collection of themes grows by not one, but two with the addition of Modern News and Dusk To Dawn.

If your blog is news-oriented (or if you’re ripe to start a news blog), then Modern News, a new premium theme from StudioPress, is a great choice. Bright and stylish, Modern News offers six layout options, seven color schemes, a tabbed sidebar, and many more features. Get the full scoop on the Theme Showcase and purchase it as an upgrade for your blog.

Before I introduce our second new theme, it is important to mention that we are fond of all of our themes, even those that have been part of our collection since the beginning. However, there comes a time when themes retire after all their years in service. Today marks the arrival of that sunset period for two of our beloved classics: Dusk and Solipsus

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phone companies

So i have a blackberry, and those of you that have a blackberry will know where im coming from with this. I think its a disgrace how when something goes down they dont even feel in there customers and leave us all sitting in anger and confusion about what is going on with our phones. 

I have not been happy with these guys and i have to say that its been the worse thing that i have ever seen. Im with o2 and they didnt even bother to send out an apology text/email to say what the problem was to keep us up to date on it, i didnt get nothing. 

I also think that is a hug disgrace, the thing that gets me is that phone companies have us wrapped round there fingers and they are conning everyone so badly and we dont even know it which makes me laugh. Im on 25 pound a month for a phone that doesnt even work and its ridiculous i thought that iphones were bad but this is just a whole different level.

Its out of this word i dont think they should be able to make people pay so much for phones and they dont work absolute disgrace. 

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first post

Hello wordpress.

So i dont know what to write but then i suppose that when i look at other people’s blogs then i will get some more inspiration to post more things and what to write about.

I think that i can use this alot for things that im thinking and i want to start doing journals and writing about things that are happening in the world, and i think this could be a good way of doing it.

So yh keep your eyes peeled to this page and i shall have some more things coming and going.



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